to my portfolio website and blog. I am so excited about sharing my lived-experience and what I have learned along the way. My wish is that by being transparent about my journey – with full disclosure – other’s will find freedom and peace from trauma and violence. I was able to discover my voice, because someone shared her brave voice with me.

wpid-2015-04-22_00.52.15.jpgIn this space, you will find my curriculum vitae, art I have createdmy blogresearch and work I have written – some of which has been published; articles written about mehelpful numbers and contact information for important resources to assist with sexual and domestic violence and LGBTQ support.  My area of research and advocacy is with the transgender and non-binary population. Through my research my hope is to continue being a respected advocate and ally to the trans community. My main focus is the power of the media and advocating for change in how trans people, who have been victims of violence, are represented; how misrepresentation and misgendering are unacceptable and have to stop in order for laws and policies to be put in place to protect trans people from violence, discrimination and dehumanization. 

What you can expect from my from my blog will include a wide array of subjects:

1. Women, Feminism and Gender topics

2. LGBTQ (with special focus on the ‘T’ and ‘Q’) -the Transgender and Queer Community

3. Overcoming trauma from sexual and domestic violence (aka living with PTSD).

4. Living Positively and Wholly

All work encompassed on this site, including photography, images, and written material has been created by Karlana June, unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to send me questions, comments or ideas.


Karlana June